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Public Gardens Listing: Sherman Library and Gardens (Corona Del Mar, CA)

Sherman Library and Gardens

In Corona del Mar, California, right near the Pacific Ocean is a small (just 2.2 acres) botanical garden called the Sherman Library and Gardens. A garden like this one is great for balcony gardeners to go and get inspiration for their own container plant gardens. Botanical gardens also allow small-space gardeners to enjoy plants that they would never be able to keep themselves. Large trees, very difficult delicate plants and plants that would never thrive in your setting can be seen up close here. Botanical gardens also often need volunteers, so you can even work with the plants if you volunteer. Botanical gardens will sometimes offer classes, where you can go to learn more about caring for specific plants.

At The Sherman Library and Gardens there are:

  • Seasonal flowerbeds
  • Fountains
  • Statues
  • Cactus and Succulent Garden
  • A conservatory with orchid flowers, gingers, pitcher plants, dwarf bananas and a koi pond
  • A Japanese garden with a bo tree
  • An Herb Garden
  • An area of ferns called the Fern Grotto
  • A Rose Garden
  • A Sensation Garden, where you can smell and touch all of the plants
  • A free audio tour (just call the number listed on your map), which tells you about the gardens and points out some special or interesting plants. Although this tour is free, you do use quite a few minutes on your cell phone.

For most of us living in urban cities, botanical gardens are wonderful escapes from the fast-paced, noisy world. They are a source of inspiration, so look at the slideshow below to get some inspiration for your garden!

Sherman Library and Gardens Quick Info
(949) 673-2261
2647 East Coast Highway, Corona del Mar, CA
$3 admission (Mondays are free)
Free audio tour (you will use your minutes)
Open every day from 10:30 to 4:00 p.m.
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day



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