25 Great Vegetables for the Container Garden

VegetablesMany vegetable plants will grow well in containers in balcony gardens. Some vegetables require large plant containers (or they can be grown in sturdy plastic bags), but many can be grown in smaller containers. The key to vegetable gardening success is watering them well.


Growing great organic vegetables is very rewarding. Once you take a bite into a freshly picked vegetable, you’ll know that your work throughout the growing season was worth it. Click on the vegetable’s name to learn more about its care. To learn about more plants that thrive in containers, peruse BalconyContainerGardening.com’s Fact Sheets.

1. Beans
2. Beets
3. Bell pepper
4. Broccoli
5. Brussels sprouts
6. Cabbage
7. Carrot
8. Cherry tomatoes
9. Chicory
10. Cilantro
11. Cucumber
12. Eggplant
13. Garlic
14. Jalapeno peppers
15. Lettuce
16. Lima beans
17. Onion
18. Potato
19. Radishes
20. Romaine lettuce
21. Spinach
22. Squash
23. Swiss chard
24. Tomatillo
25. Tomato

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