How to Propagate Pothos

Pothos plant propagate root nodeThe pothos plant is so easy to grow and propagate that even someone with a black thumb can do it. It is a great container plant that can be kept in darker rooms, in offices and even in a shady balcony garden. No matter where you choose to keep your pothos, you can easily propagate it to create more pothos plants.


The pothos and many other container plants can be reproduced by taking cuttings from the mother plant. All you need is a pothos plant vine with more than seven leaves, a pair of scissors, a glass of water and light.

Choose a spot on the pothos vine that you will cut. Leave at least three leaves on the vine, and cut off four or more leaves. When you cut, cut right below a root node (which is the little brown bump coming out of the pothos vine). Cut it so the root node will be on your new vine. The the new root will sprout from the pothos plant's root node.

After cutting a vine or two off of the mother pothos plant, rip or cut off the bottom leaf of the new vines, and then put the cuttings in a glass of water on a windowsill (or wherever it can get some light that's not too intense). Some people will recommend using a rooting hormone on plant cuttings, but this is unnecessary. You may get results faster with a rooting hormone, but you do not need it to get a healthy new pothos plant.

Because you can see through the glass container, you can see when the root sprouts. After about two weeks, the pothos cuttings can be planted in potting soil. Just be careful to not break the delicate root. The best way to protect roots is to put about 2 inches of dirt on the bottom of its new container, gently place the pothos cuttings into the plant container and drop new soil on top of the roots. Gently pack down the potting soil and water it.

Propagating plants by cutting will make the mother plant look more full and bushy, and less thin.

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