Spring Garden Chores

Plant fertilizerYour balcony container garden needs to be maintained throughout the year. Due to different weather and growing seasons of the plants gardeners keep, some container gardening chores differ between the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons.


In some areas, the climate is mild throughout the year, and these garden chores can be done at different times in the year. Spring is a busy season when it comes to container gardening. In the spring, you will need to perform many of the following chores:

    • Check on established outdoor container plants regularly, and water, fertilize and fight pests and diseases as needed
    • Check for weeds and deal with them immediately if you see them
    • Sow seeds in your containers either indoors or out
    • With many container plants, plant seedlings outdoors four to eight weeks after sprouting and after the last frost has passed
    • Purchase new potting soil and prepare planting sites. Remember that some plant viruses can stay alive in soil for several years, so some plants, such as potatoes and tomatoes, shouldn’t be planted in the same container as the year before.
  • Incorporate compost and/or slow-release fertilizer in your plant containers so the plants can use them once they start actively growing.
  • Prune certain established plants, such as climbing plants, bushes and topiaries.
  • Propagate plants by division or by taking cuttings
  • Divide overcrowded plants
  • Prune roots if needed
  • Repot any root-bound plants
  • Purchase and plant any new plants
  • Deadhead spent flowers to prolong blooming time
  • Remove dead foliage from plants as it appears
  • Prepare trellises or other types of support for climbing plants
  • Begin feeding the vermicompost bin more food (feed small amounts of food regularly)
  • Check on the container plants every day, and water, fertilize and fight garden pests and diseases as needed

See Summer Garden Chores, Fall Garden Chores and Winter Garden Chores.

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