How to Grow and Care for Crassula ‘Morgan’s Beauty’ in Containers

Crassula 'Morgan's Beauty'

Intro: Crassula ‘Morgan’s Beauty’ is a hybrid container plant created with C. falcata and C. mesembryanthemopsis. In summer this low-growing plant blooms with orange or red flower clusters. It has silvery-green leaves covered in a white powder. Crassula ‘Morgan’s Beauty’ is a compact succulent perfect for small plant containers, fitting in perfectly with a southwest desert garden theme. Crassula species are native to South Africa.


Scientific Name: Crassula 'Morgan's Beauty'

Plant Type: Succulent

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Water: Allow your Crassula to dry out in between waterings. In winter, add just enough water so it does not completely dry out.

Zone: Hardy to Zone 10

Temperature: Keep this container plant in temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fertilizer: In the warm months, fertilize Crassula ‘Morgan’s Beauty’ monthly with a half dose of fertilizer.

Pests and Diseases: Mealybugs are common insect pests on Crassula succulents.

Propagation: Propagate Crassula ‘Morgan’s Beauty’ by taking leaf cuttings or planting offsets.

Misc. Info: Use a cactus soil mix, or a well-drained part-sand soil for good drainage. Prune the top leaves off ofCrassula ‘Morgan’s Beauty’ to keep this succulent plant looking full.



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