Killing Tomato Hornworms With Nonpoisonous Products

Tomato hornworm caterpillarI have several tomato plants of different varieties that I keep finding these worms on. I also have some tobacco plants, and these worms are quickly eating the leaves. Can I use something on these plants that will not be poisonous to humans?


Because tomato hornworms are attacking your tomato and tobacco plants, it sounds like you have a problem with tomato hornworms. These garden pests are actually caterpillars, and they’re tough to spot on container plants. They are easier to find if you know where to look: They usually hang upside down on a stem, looking exactly like a plant leaf. Vegetable-safe Raid spray can kill these caterpillars, but these can't be used within a few days of harvesting the crop. The best thing to do is to go through your plants and look for each worm and pick them off, and then either squish, cut or spray the bugs on the floor after you pick them off. This is a time-consuming and icky process, so you may want to spray the container plant instead.


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