Aphids on Plant Sprouts

Aphid pests on zinnia flowerI was just getting ready to plant some vegetable starts and realized they have aphids all over them. Should I just throw them out and get new starts, or should I try to get rid of the aphids? I don't want to infect the rest of my plants.

You can try to spray them watered-down soap (just spray soap and water on the plant leaves), but that often doesn’t work. Some gardeners are successful with a mixture of hot sauce and water that is sprayed on the plants. Aphids like new growth, so your young plants are very attractive to them. The problem is that young plants like these often can’t handle an aphid infestation, and the aphids will kill them. Stronger, more mature plants can often handle some aphids. If your soap spray doesn’t work, or if you release lady bugs into the balcony garden and that doesn’t work, you may need to start your vegetables all over again. If a container plant is so infested with aphids, you may need to destroy it and throw it all away.


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