Apartment Garden Blues (Blog): My Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry TomatoesIn last week's blog, I talked about my seed storage system. When I was going through all of my saved seeds earlier this year to see what I wanted to plant, I came across my cherry tomato seeds. Although I'm not growing any right now, all my memories of those cherry tomatoes came rushing back to me!

One cherry tomato plant I had a couple years ago produced 88 of the most delicious cherry tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. I was a bit perturbed when another gardener won first place in cherry tomatoes at the county fair that year – I was sure I could’ve won if I’d entered! Funny enough, the first-place winner was also from my same city. Maybe our hometown has the perfect conditions for cherry tomatoes!

Last year I took a break from counting my cherries. When I started I didn’t think my three plants would produce hundreds of tomatoes. I had to resort to giving away bunches of tomatoes and making large batches of salsas in order for all of them to be eaten. I also had to spend a lot of time in the garden battling my mortal enemies – tomato hornworm caterpillars. And you may know by now that I hate dealing with bugs in the garden. I’d find one (I do admit that they’re interesting creatures), and I’d have to call my husband over to get rid of it for me.

Organic balcony container gardening is a lot of work, but once you harvest those tasty fruits and vegetables, see your flowers bloom or attract a certain animal to your balcony, you know it’s all been worth it!

(But seriously, maybe I should enter one of my tomatoes into the fair this year!)


Alexandra Martin is a professional writer from Southern California who grows vegetables, herbs, lots of aloe vera and one giant Boston fern in her balcony garden. She also grows dracaena, pothos and English ivy indoors. She loves traveling and birdwatching in addition to gardening.

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