Apartment Garden Blues (Blog): Pier 39’s Double-Duty Planter

Pier 39 Crab Planter

I love everything that is double-duty. When you live in a small urban apartment, you tend to appreciate saving any space you can. I love my end table that serves as a filing cabinet, the drawer on my coffee table and my IKEA bookcases with doors that hide all my DVDs and books, while also serving as a blank canvas for me to display photos or interesting wallpaper (check them out on the IKEA website).

I recently took a quick weekend trip to San Francisco and saw a great double duty planter at the entrance to Pier 39: a giant crab sculpture planted with succulent plants (see the picture on the right).

Not only is this an interesting piece of art, it’s a dynamic planter. The plants can be changed out depending on the season (poinsettia plants at Christmas, flowers in springtime, etc.), but it is always a recognizable piece that welcomes visitors to Pier 39.

Check back next week for more about the plants and gardens I saw in San Francisco!




Alexandra Martin is a professional writer from Southern California who grows vegetables, herbs, lots of aloe vera and one giant Boston fern in her balcony garden. She also grows dracaena, pothos and English ivy indoors. She loves traveling and birdwatching in addition to gardening.

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