Apartment Garden Blues (Blog): Conserving Water


It's always good to conserve water - especially during a drought. California hasn't seen a lot of rain this year, so it's important now more than ever for Californians to do their best in conserving water. This means taking shorter showers, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and cutting down on wasting water in the garden. Here are some tips for making the most of water in your container garden.


Rosemary thor

1. Plant drought-resistant plants. If you live in a dry climate that doesn't get a lot of rain, like in the southwest, plant drought-resistant plants, including succulents, bougainvillea and rosemary.

Succulents Avia Venefica

2. Avoid porous containers. Plant containers like terra cotta are porous and will allow water to evaporate out more easily that more insulated pots made of plastic.

Mulch Jessica Cross

3. Use groundcover or mulch. Insulate exposed potting soil using groundcover or mulch. This will lock in the moisture in your plant pots.

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4. Use recycled water. Water your container plants with unused water from drinking glasses, cooled cooking water (from pasta or vegetables) or rinsing off your hands. Don't let it go down the drain!

Watering Can Chichacha

5. Water in the morning or at night. Container plants will have more time to absorb water if you give it to them in the morning or at night, rather than in the middle of the day. If you water when the sun is out and the temperature is high, more water will evaporate from the plant pots than if you watered them when it was cooler and less sunny.



Alexandra is a professional writer from Southern California who grows vegetables, herbs, lots of aloe vera and one giant Boston fern in her balcony garden. She also grows dracaena, pothos and English ivy indoors. She loves traveling and birdwatching in addition to gardening.

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