Jack-O-Lantern Ideas for the Balcony

Stairs Halloween pumpkinsThere are so many creative things you can do with pumpkins. You can paint or carve them, or just set them around your balcony garden or apartment. When working with real pumpkins, keep an eye out for when they start to decay, then throw them away. You can give some pieces of pumpkin to your worm composting bin (not too much or it will kill them!) and throw the rest away.


Some creative Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin ideas for the balcony garden include setting the pumpkins on stairs leading up to your balcony or putting several on plant stands at different heights. Place them next to your apartment's front door for your neighbors to see. You can line up a whole row of pumpkins along the edge of the balcony floor, or set two or three in a corner. If you have a private balcony garden, meaning no stairs lead up to it, you probably won’t be able to share your pumpkins with your neighbors, so make sure to enjoy them yourself, and position them (safely) so that you can see them from inside your apartment.

Whenever you set a carved pumpkin down, especially if you are going to light a flame inside, make sure that the pumpkin is stable and will not topple over. And definitely do not keep your pumpkins on the ledge of your balcony. Keep your blinds open so you can watch the pumpkins to make sure they don’t catch on fire in your balcony garden. Keep anything away from the pumpkins that could create a fire hazard. And once they begin to decay, don't forget to feed some of the pumpkin flesh to your vermicomposting bin!

Now that you know where you can place your pumpkins, here are some creative pumpkin carving ideas:

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