5 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants

Indoor succulent plant displayUsing plants in your apartment decor can be fun. Be as creative as you can and try new things. As long as your container plant will have enough light to grow, you can brighten up the inside of your home or apartment with plants. Here are five creative ways to show off your plants indoors.


1. Book topper. The delicate little potted succulent pictured on the right sits atop a collection of hardcover books. The white container and figurine complementing the container makes this display perfect for a modern room. The books and plant container create a little bit of height on top of a low shelf. Before placing a plant container anywhere, remember to place a tray below it. This setup has a well-draining container inside of the white container, which has no drainage holes. You don’t want to ruin the surface that you place the plant on.

2. Around a window. Grow a vining plant, such as pothos or philodendron, around a window or at the ceiling of a room. Hang a pot or set a container on top of a high shelf. As the plant grows, allow it to grow long rather than bushy, and train it to grow along the ceiling or along the edge of the window. To do this, hammer in some small nails along the wall and let the plant’s stems sit on top of the nails. Over time the plant will fill in and create a border of green. The framing of a window will bring the eye to the window.

3. Plant stepladder. Pick up a beat-up stepladder from a local Goodwill or a garage sale that has two or three steps. Wooden stepladders are best for this application. You can paint the ladder or just set plant containers on top of it. This plant stand will create height in a bare spot in a room and also allow each plant enough light to grow well.

4. Cozy reading corner. If you have enough light in a corner of a room with a bare corner, grow a tall ficus plant behind a reading chair and side table. You can place a clamp light on the trunk of the ficus or use a table lamp on the side table. It can also be fun to use a piece of flexible wiring to attach a toy bird or jungle cat in the bushes of your corner plant.

5. Vase of leaves. If you have a northern-facing apartment or if you don’t have enough light due to outside trees blocking sun, etc., don’t worry. You can still keep some container plants indoors. Instead of always purchasing cut flowers that wilt within several days, find a tree with thick leaves and pick off a leaf or two. Magnolia trees are great for this purpose. Make sure to not get any sap on you, and place the leaf into a short vase filled with water. The leaf needs no light, and with water it will last for several months before it starts to wilt.

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