5 Plants for Splashes of Color for Shade Gardens

Angel wings elephant earThere’s no reason for shady balcony gardens to be deprived of color. Different shades of green can be pleasing to the eye, but a splash of color in the balcony garden is always a beautiful addition. These five shade plants are easy to grow and will help bring some color to your balcony garden.


1. Angel's wings. The arrow-shaped leaves atop Caladium bicolor’s long stalks can take in infinite variations of colors including white, pink, red, bronze and green. This beautiful plant does well in the shade and should not be exposed to harsh sun. Dig up angel wings' tubers and keep them indoors during winter. Learn more about angel's wings>>

2. Hydrangea. Hydrangea is a great flower for shade, and its blooms, which can reach up to 10 inches across, provide giant splashes of color for your balcony garden. This easy plant can have flowers in shades of white, pink and blue.

3. Coleus. The perennial coleus is a low-growing plant with colorful leaves that include mixtures of yellow, orange, pink, red and green. This plant does well in shade, but make sure to pinch the tops for bushy growth. Learn more about coleus>>

4. Streaked pothos. Although pothos is generally considered an indoor plant, some balcony gardeners have such dark conditions that only indoor plants will live in the light that reaches their balcony gardens. Hang a plant container with a vining pothos variety from the awning of your balcony and trim it if you’d like more bushy growth. Bring the plant indoors if your winters are cold, and provide supplemental lighting indoors if the room is exceptionally dark. The pothos plant can range in colors from dark green, yellow-green and streaked with yellow or white. Streaks appear in higher light conditions and will add some interest and life to a dark balcony garden. Learn more about pothos>>

5. Marigolds. Marigold flowers will need a bit more light than the rest of the plants here, but they will do well in partial sun. Marigold flowers not only please the balcony gardener with large beautiful orange, yellow or white blooms, they are also a natural pest deterrent. The marigold’s smell keeps many pest insects away from your other garden plants, such as tomato and potato. These easy flowers also attract butterflies, which will help pollinate the flowers in your garden. Learn more about marigolds>>

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