How to Easily Bring Water Outdoors

Watering canAre you sick of walking in and out of your apartment to fill up your watering can so you can water your balcony container plants? Sick of tracking potting soil inside? Wish you just had a hose hookup outside? You’re feeling what a lot of balcony container gardeners feel. There are those few who are lucky enough to have water hose hookups, but most balcony gardeners have to traipse in and out over and over to give water to their container plants.


Is there anything easier? There are two potential solutions to the watering can problem.

Sink-hose adapters. There are many adapters that can attach to your sink so that you can attach a hose and run it outside to water your container plants. Unfortunately, there are many different kinds of sinks, and adapters tend to not fit any of them. There are very few instances of hoses and sink adapters actually working well. It’s best to conserve your money and stay away from these adapters.

Water jugs. Water jugs or old washed-out milk jugs are probably the best solution for watering your container plants. Buckets are heavy, and water tends to slosh out of the sides, making a slippery mess. It is easy to fill up a jug at the sink, twist the cap on and bring it to the balcony garden. Once outside, pour the water into your watering can and water your plants like normal. Watering cans are still the best things to use when watering, as they have special spouts that make the water fall like little rain droplets. Jugs can be used, as well, but run the water over your hand first, and allow the water to drip off of your fingers, rather than pouring all of the water out in one big violent splash!

Unfortunately, when keeping a balcony garden, your easiest way to water your plants will be lugging water jugs or watering cans in and outside. There is also the problem of finding a place to keep these water jugs. But jugs are better than walking in and out and filling up a watering can multiple times. Jugs are better than installing an expensive sprinkler system for just a few container plants. And jugs are much better than a sink adapter that won’t work. If you want to try the hose adapter, try it and maybe it will work out for you.

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