Flowers for Shady Apartment Patio

Caladium bicolorI was thinking of getting flowers for my apartment patio, but my patio is on the ground floor and does not get much light. Any suggestions?

If you have a shady apartment balcony or patio, you can increase your chances of success by moving container plants around during the day, giving your flowers the sunniest spots. If you have any sun at all, you might want to try a higher-light flower, but just expect it to be smaller and scragglier than it would be in full sun.

If your apartment garden is really dark, you can always go with a low-light flower or indoor flower, like the peace lily. For specific plants, here is a list of 25 plants for shady spots, which includes some flowers. Caladium bicolor plants, although they are not flowers, are colorful foliage plants that do well in the shade - with these plants, you don't even need flowers for color!


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