How Much Water and How Often?

Pothos plantHow much and how many times a week should I water my golden pothos plant?


Watering really depends on how big your plant's container is and how much soil is inside, the humidity, sun exposure, etc., so there's no real set answer. This plant is better off drying out a little than being overwatered. To make it easy on yourself, water your indoor plants, including your pothos plant, on the same day every week (like Sunday), but look at it every day, and if it looks a little wilted or dry, water it just a little bit. If your pothos is outdoors, it will probably need to be watered more often. When you water “thoroughly,” add no more than a half a cup to a cup of water for a gallon plant container. If your plant just looks dry on another day, add about a fourth of a cup of water for a 1-gallon pot.


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