Tips for Growing Plants in Strawberry Pots

Strawberry PotsA lot of people have difficulty growing plants in strawberry pots. They will often not have enough space in the pockets to grow plants, they will dry out quickly, and dirt may fall out. If you can find the right strawberry pot, then these containers are great for balcony gardens – they will allow you to grow many different kinds of plants (not just strawberries!) in a small amount of space.

Plants for strawberry pots. Strawberry pots are the perfect type of plant container when growing small plants that drape over the sides of their plant containers. Strawberries are perfect example – they benefit from being grown up off the ground, and they droop down over the sides of their pots. The cascading growth of some plants make the look of a strawberry pot simply beautiful. When growing plants in a strawberry pot, make sure to choose plants that will stay small and have a downward-growing pattern (not plants that grow upwards). Other good plants for strawberry pots include string of beads and other succulent plants, lettuce, and thyme, oregano, mint and other herbs. Just make sure that you choose plants with the same potting soil and water requirements to plant in each container.

Characteristics of a good strawberry pot. Make sure your strawberry pot is large enough but not too heavy for your balcony. You may want to stay away from terra cotta material because it dries out faster; smaller containers also dry out faster, so a large plastic strawberry pot will hold more moisture and need to be watered less than a small terra cotta planter.

A strawberry pot with large pockets with rimmed edges will make it easier to plant and grow. The large pockets will allow for easy planting and larger plants, and the rimmed edges will keep the container plants and soil inside of the planter. Many pockets located throughout the entire pot will allow for maximum planting in one space – root space and sunlight will be available for all plants without one plant shadowing or taking up the space of another.

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