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Coconut Fiber in Planters

strawberries wilting in hanging basketThe first plants to suffer from the heat or dry air are those in hanging containers with coconut fiber lining or sphagnum moss. The strawberries shown here, for example, wilted due to dried-out soil during a heat wave. suggests using plastic plant containers in balony gardens more than any other container (i.e. terra cotta containers) because plastic containers are lightweight, cheap and insulate the plant (i.e., lose soil moisture much slower).


Plant Scientific Names

Pothos Epipremnum aureumLike all classified animals, plants also have scientific names (you can see these scientific names in all of the Fact Sheets). Plants are scientficially classified with a system called binomial nomenclature. Here's how it works...


Flowers for Shady Apartment Patio

Caladium bicolorI was thinking of getting flowers for my apartment patio, but my patio is on the ground floor and does not get much light. Any suggestions?


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