General Gardening

Windowsill Gardens

Windowsill GardenSmall windowsill gardens are great for small plants or cuttings that will do well in the bright indirect light that comes in through your window. Windowsill gardens are easy to maintain. Just line up a few small containers on a sunny windowsill to create a decorative indoor garden and maximize your gardening space!


Getting Kids Interested in Gardening

Gardening with childrenGardening helps children learn about the world, forge bonds with their fellow gardeners (family) and feel a sense of accomplishment, all while having a lot of fun. Children also learn patience (having to wait while plants grow), responsibility and caring for another living creature, and loss when plants die. Children will also learn where food really comes from. With all of these benefits, why not start a garden that your children can be a part of?


Identifying and Treating Root Rot

Root rotUnfortunately, plant root damage isn’t visible until the damage has become so great that it affects the above-ground portion of your container plant. Root rot is one common root problem, caused by fungus that thrives in overwatered potting soil.


How to Easily Bring Water Outdoors

Watering canAre you sick of walking in and out of your apartment to fill up your watering can so you can water your balcony container plants? Sick of tracking potting soil inside? Wish you just had a hose hookup outside? You’re feeling what a lot of balcony container gardeners feel. There are those few who are lucky enough to have water hose hookups, but most balcony gardeners have to traipse in and out over and over to give water to their container plants.


The Definition of an “Heirloom” Plant

Red Zebra Heirloom TomatoesSo you’ve heard a lot about how great heirloom plants are, but what is an heirloom plant anyway? An heirloom plant is a cultivar that used to be commonly grown and eaten in human history but is no longer widely available due to today’s practices of commercial agriculture.


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