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Plant Fact Sheets

Morning glory flowerThis page includes all of's Plant Fact Sheets of popular container plants that you can grow in your balcony garden. Each page includes an illustration or photo, a short intro on the container plant, its scientific name, the plant type, how much light it needs, how to propagate it and any other information that you may need to succeed.


Preventing and Treating Plant Leaf Scorch/Tip Burn

leaf tip burnIf your leaves of your container plants develop dry, brown tips, you probably are witnessing leaf scorch or tip burn. There are a few causes of this problem, so you must determine the cause of the leaf scorch before attempting to fix the problem in your garden.


Mushrooms: A Product of Overwatering

mushroom fungusThe sight of mushrooms popping out of your potting soil might make you a little uneasy. You may have some questions about them. What are these mushrooms? Where did they come from? Will they hurt your container plants? And how can you get rid of these mushrooms?


How to Create a Hydroponic Growing Aquarium

Aquaponic aquariumGrowing plants hydroponically is a method of growing plants in water with no potting soil. The best and most simple way to begin growing plants hydroponically (other than purchasing an Aerogarden) is to set up a growing aquarium indoors under a light bulb (if you don’t get much sun inside) or next to a bright, southern-facing window. You can grow fresh herbs and vegetables to use in the kitchen, so if you have any space on the kitchen counter, a growing aquarium will fit in perfectly.


Tips for Watering Container Plants

watering canPlants get their water from the soil via their roots, and a small proportion is taken through their leaves (but remember that some plants cannot tolerate water touching their leaves). Because plant containers are small, their roots only have a small amount of potting soil to draw water from. This is why the container gardener has to carefully watch plants for signs of underwatering (and overwatering) and water often, especially on hot, sunny and windy days, when plants and their potting soil can lose dangerous amounts of water. 


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