How to Grow and Care for the Canary Island Date Palm Tree in Containers


Canary Island date palm

Intro: Canary Island palm trees grow large, up to 60 feet tall with the top foliage spanning 40 feet. But because it is a slow-grower, you can purchase one of these palm trees for several dollars at your local garden shop and grow it for many years in a plant container in your balcony garden. Once it starts getting too large, donate it or sell it to someone who would like to plant it in a yard. Even when young, the Canary Island date palm tree’s leaves spread up and out and take up a lot of space. A Canary Island date palm should be the center of attention on a large balcony without many other container plants. It adds great height to a balcony garden without shading much of the area below it.


Scientific Name: Phoenix canariensis

Plant Type: Tree

Light: The Canary Island date palm tree requires full sun.

Water: When the Canary Island date palm is young, especially during the first season that you have it, water it thoroughly once a week to establish good roots. After the palm tree is established, you can water it less, as this palm tree is suitable for drier areas.

Fertilizer: Fertilize your Canary Island date palm in the spring before new growth appears.

Temperature: The Canary Island date palm can tolerate freezing temperatures and snow, but it probably does not fit garden themes in areas where it gets that cold. These palm trees are more appropriate for tropical and warmer areas, such as Florida and southern California.

Pests and Diseases: The Canary Island date palm generally does not have disease or insect pest problems.

Propagation: The Canary Island date palm is propagated almost exclusively by seed. While you are growing this tree in a plant container, it is not mature, so it will not flower and produce seeds. If you can find an adult bearing fruit, find seeds inside of the fruits.

Misc. Info: The Canary Island date palm’s fronds are hard and sharp, and can be irritating when trying to work in a small balcony container garden. These trees are best for apartment gardeners who want several low-maintenance container plants and who will not be working outside in the garden often.





Canary Island Date Palm

Canary Island Date Palm

Canary Island Date Palm Tree


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