4 Ways to Cover Up Ugly Apartment Balcony Floors

Wood decking apartment balconiesMany apartment gardeners hate their outdoor floors. Fortunately there are several options for the balcony container gardener when it comes to spicing up the floors of their flower gardens and vegetable gardens.


Balcony Container Gardening Design: Using Climbing Plants

Because balcony container gardens have such a small footprint of space, you can use climbing container plants to add more interest to the garden, rather than having many small plant containers covering the floor without as much foliage. Climbing plants will help cover ugly walls or views, and will also allow you to use more of your balcony garden’s floor space for seating or dining outside.


How to Choose a Plant Container

There are a lot of different kinds of plant pots and containers available. Plastic plant containers are great for balcony gardens because they're cheap, light-weight, durable and attractive. You can get creative with the plant containers you use - they don't need to come from your local garden shop. You can use anything that holds potting soil and can have drainage holes drilled into it. Following are the types of plant containers you can use in your balcony garden.


Age Terra Cotta Containers with Yogurt

Aged terra cotta plant potsAfter purchasing a terra cotta plant containers, you may want to make it look like it has been out in the garden for years. Aging terra cotta subdues the bright orange on the container, making it look more at place in your balcony garden. Most gardeners prefer the way an aged terra cotta container looks over an unaged one.


10 Inspiring Balcony Gardens (Photos)

Are you decorating a balcony space? There are many ways you can express yourself and your style in a small balcony container garden. You can have a zen garden, a southwest garden, hummingbird and butterfly garden, recycled and repurposed garden, a kitchen garden, modern garden, and the list goes on. Decide your style, and get inspiration by looking through images on the web and in garden design books.


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