Container Topiary Gardens

T-rex dinosaur topiaryThere are some beautiful topiary sculptures out there, some as large and intricate as this life-size T-rex topiary at the Botanical Gardens in Buffalo, New York. But most balcony garden topiaries shouldn't be intricate, and especially not large, because space is at a premium in the balcony garden.


Using the Color Theory to Choose Flower Colors

Color wheelSimple color theory is easy to use when choosing complementing flower colors for the garden. Fortunately for those of us who can’t match our own clothes, the color theory is very useful when choosing colors for the garden.


Clearing Out the Clutter on the Balcony

garden clutterBecause space is at such a premium in the apartment balcony garden, you will need to clear up any clutter you have on your balcony. You can always maximize space by planting vertically (which you can achieve with this DIY plant shelf), but there may be some other items in your balcony garden that you can do without.


How to Choose a Suitable Recycled Plant Container

Recycled plant potA plant container can be pretty much any object that holds potting soil and that can have drainage holes drilled into it. You no doubt have seen photos of (or in real life) plants growing out of an old boot. Even old bathtubs or troughs can be used as plant containers.


5 Steps to Forming Espalier Plant Growth

Espalier tree growthMany plants can be trained to grow as an espalier, which is a plant that has been trained so it grows flat against a wall instead of having a bushy shape. Espalier plants are not only decorative, but they also save space in balcony container gardens.


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