DIY 3-Tiered Pot Tower

To create a three-tiered pot tower for compact container plant growth, all you need is a few sturdy plant containers. Pot towers look beautiful when made of terra cotta, but because these pot towers can get quite heavy, you may want to use plastic pots that look like terra cotta instead.


5 Plants for Splashes of Color for Shade Gardens

Angel wings elephant earThere’s no reason for shady balcony gardens to be deprived of color. Different shades of green can be pleasing to the eye, but a splash of color in the balcony garden is always a beautiful addition. These five shade plants are easy to grow and will help bring some color to your balcony garden.


Tips for Designing Rooftop Gardens

Rockefeller Center rooftop gardenRooftop gardens are a rarity in urban jungles like New York City. There are so many buildings and people that gardening and plants takes a backseat to offices, stores and living spaces. New York City balconies are rare, but there are some rooftop gardens that people can enjoy.


10 Inspiring Jack O'Lanterns (Photos)

Carving Jack O'Lanterns for Halloween is a great project, and you can display them by your entrance or in your garden. Make them scary, funny, cute or just plain amazing! Some carvers can create pumpkin sculptures and art, only to have the pumpkin rot away in just a few days.


5 Steps to Starting Your First Garden

Porch gardenIf you are starting a garden, follow these guidelines to help you create a plan before going out to purchase furniture, plant containers, seeds, plants and anything else you need to create your balcony container garden.


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