Acclimating Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe veraI have an aloe vera plant that has outgrown my windowsill. I was thinking of putting it outside on my balcony during the summer months, but wasn't sure if it could live outdoors after spending over a year indoors. Would it make it okay in the heat? I'd still keep it in the same container and move it back inside for winter. Thanks!


The aloe vera plant can totally go outside! Just make sure that you acclimate it slowly to your outdoor balcony's conditions. Keep it in a shadier spot at first, and then you can move it into a sunnier spot when you'd like. Aloe turns brown when it's too sunny, but it will come back to life when moved to a little shadier spot.

It should be fine on your balcony. This plant can do well on shady, cool balconies, as well as on hot, sunny balconies. It might send up a flower stalk if it’s doing well in that spot. Good luck!


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