7 Easy Plants for Fish Aquariums

Java Fern Aquatic PlantBalcony container gardeners who live in apartments may not have a lot of space for extra plants or for pets, but fish aquariums are compact places to keep both pets and plants. Here are seven easy plants you can grow in your fish aquarium.

1. Java Fern. These plants grow very well in lower-light conditions. You just need to tie its roots to a rock or some driftwood with some cotton thread. Do not plant the roots in the aquarium gravel. This plan absorbs nutrients through the roots, and they need water flow around the roots.
2. Anubias. This slow-growing plant is great for a smaller aquarium because it grows slowly and doesn’t need high light to grow. Like the rest of the plants in this list, it doesn’t need added nutrition – it gets enough nutrients from the fish wastes in the aquarium.
3. Crypt. Crypt (also commonly referred to as Cryptocoryne wendtii) grows in a rosette form and does best in brighter light and in a water pH of 5.0 to 7.0. Grow this taller plant in the middle or back of the aquarium so it doesn’t block the view of the rest of the tank.
4. Rotala indica. This easy-to-grow plant has small leaves with red and green on them. It grows densely in a moderate light level. Some fish may eat its leaves, so make sure your fish species won’t eat it before purchasing Rotala indica.

5. Water Sprite. This easy plant grows very fast. It can be either “planted” in the David Guetta Nothing But The Beat 2.0 download substrate (it may come loose) or just float around the aquarium. It will need to be pruned often or it will take over the aquarium.
6. Amazon Sword. This plant grows in a rosette form with large sword-shaped leaves, and they can get quite large. You will either need to prune it often or only grow it in a larger aquarium.
7. Java Moss. Probably the easiest plant to grow, this plant can grow either tied to a rock or some driftwood with cotton thread, or it can just settle on the bottom or float around the aquarium. It grows well in very little light.

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