5 Low-Maintenance House Plants

Some apartment gardeners really appreciate house plants because the small gardening space outdoors is just not enough! Want a lot of luscious plants indoors without doing a lot of work or using grow lights? Here are 5 low-maintenance house plants that will brighten up your décor without lengthening your already long list of chores.


Buttercup English Ivy house plant

1. English ivy. When grown in an indoor garden, this house plant cleans the air of formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. This vining house plant can be grown cascading down from its container or up a support structure. Some apartment gardeners even prune this house plant so it looks like a little topiary.


Pothos plant low light

2. Pothos. Also known as devil’s ivy, golden pothos is a fantastic house plant that thrives in almost the dimmest of light. It can be grown in hanging containers or be trained to grow vertically. If you prune this house plant, it will have attractive compact growth. Even if you have a black thumb and kill any house plant you touch, a pothos plant should grow well for you.


Peace Lily Flower


3. Peace lily. This easy house plant has large shiny, dark green leaves and large white flowers that can last for weeks or months. To keep your peace lily house plant blooming with large, healthy-looking flowers, remove any flower and its stalk once the flower is past its prime. Fertilize this house plant regularly to ensure blooms.


Lucky bamboo Dracaena house plant

4. Lucky bamboo. The lucky bamboo plant is an integral part of Feng Shui and is said to bring fortune and good luck. Lucky bamboo is one of the easiest house plants to grow because they do well in just about any garden space, whether it is in sun or shade, in potting soil in pure water. Lucky bamboo comes in many different shapes, often twisted or braided (the interestingly shaped bamboo house plants are rotated in accordance with the light source, which makes them grow like this), but the cheapest and most common lucky bamboo is the straight stalk with a few leaves.


Spider plant indoors low light

5. Spider plant. The most popular cultivar of this house plant has two white stripes on each long, bladelike leaf. The spider plant is tolerant of many conditions and will even survive when neglected. This grasslike house plant looks best in indoor apartment gardens when displayed in hanging plant containers with their plantlets draping down.

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