How to Grow and Care for Tree Aeonium in Containers

Tree aeonium arboreum

Intro: Tree aeonium plants are interesting succulents that come in green or purple (the purple color comes out more intensely in the sun and less so when kept in shady balcony gardens). The tree aeonium has yellow flowers, but the branch that flowers will always die after the flowering event. The tree aeonium plant can grow to 3 feet in the balcony container garden.


Scientific Name: Aeonium arboreum

Plant Type: Succulent plant

Light: Full sun

Water: Use a well-draining plant container to not let the potting soil get soggy. In winter water just enough to keep the tree aeonium plant's roots from completely drying out.

Propagation: Propagate tree aeoniums by taking cuttings or dividing the plant.

Misc. Info: Too much heat will make the tree aeonium's thick, rubbery leaves curl, and freezing temperatures will melt the leaves, but these succulent plants usually come back. Use these plants in succulent container gardens in which multiple cacti and succulents are planted in an interesting plant container. These succulent plants fit in well in a Southwest inspired balcony garden theme.


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