How to Grow and Care for Petunia Flowers in Containers

Petunia flower

Intro: This classic flower for plant containers comes in many colors, mostly blue, white, and shades of pink. There are a few different petunia flower varieties: large flowers (grandiflora), ground cover (hedgiflora), smaller flowers good for baskets (multiflora), or small flowers that do well in harsh weather (milliflora).


Scientific Name: Petunia × hybrida

Plant Type: Annual hybrid flower

Light: Provide full sun to partial shade for the petunias in your balcony garden.

Water: When it comes to watering the petunia flower, make sure it has constantly moist and well-drained potting soil.

Propagation: Grow petunia plants from seeds or purchase plants from your local garden shop. If you are growing the petunia flower from seeds, it can take up to three months before the plant blooms, so plan ahead.

Misc. Info: Petunia plants cannot stand heat. Deadhead flowers (pinch flowers back when they’re past their prime) and prune to keep it healthy and blooming throughout the season. If not given fertilizer, it will not flower as much, and it will become thin and stalky, rather than full and healthy-looking.




Pink Petunia Flowers

Petunia Flowers in Containers

Petunia Flowers

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