10 Adorable Backyard Birds (Photos)

Balcony birdwatching is a rewarding hobby, and it gives you an excuse to stare out the window at your balcony garden. Wild birds will eventually become so used to you that they will learn your habits and wait for you to fill up the birdfeeder. Some may be brave enough to feed or hang out on the balcony while you’re working in on your garden's container plants.

Enjoy these 10 photos of adorable wild birds that you may see at your balcony birdfeeder!


American goldfinch bird

The American goldfinch is a common backyard bird that eats thistle seed. Photo by Larry Page.


Yellow-rumped warbler bird

The yellow-rumped warbler may visit trees just outside of your balcony, but you probably won't see them at your feeder. Photo by Frank Miles/USFWS.


Sparrow bird

Sparrows are one of the most commonly seen wild birds in urban areas. Photo by Bill Blevin.



Baltimore oriole bird

You may see a Baltimore oriole if you live in the northeast United States. Photo by Larry Page.


Blue jay bird

The beautiful blue jay is a common urban bird seen in the northeast and central United States. Photo by Bill Evans.


Dark-eyed junco bird

The dark-eyed junco is a type of sparrow. Photo by Jean.


Tufted titmouse bird

The tufted titmouse makes a variety of different sounds. Photo by Quasifly.


Black-capped chickadee bird

Black-capped chickadee is a bold bird that will often eat out of human hands. Photo by Robert Taylor.


Ruby-throated hummingbird

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are a favorite of birdwatchers. Photo by Clinton Little.


Mourning dove birds

Mourning doves are sweet birds that make cooing sounds and a whistling noise with their wings as they take off in flight. Photo by Robert Taylor.


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