Fall Garden chores

SpinachYour balcony container garden needs to be maintained throughout the year. Due to different weather and growing seasons of the plants gardeners keep, some gardening chores differ between the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. In some areas, the climate is mild throughout the year, and these garden chores can be done at different times in the year. In the fall, you will harvest or remove any plants that have completed their growing season, and you will plant any cool-weather plants. Fall is also the time to prepare for winter.


    • Check on the container plants every day, and water, fertilize and fight pests and diseases as needed
    • Check for weeds and deal with them immediately if you see them
    • Check trellises and supports. Cut and retie any ties that have become too tight for the plants
    • Harvest any vegetables that have completed their growing seasons
    • Plant cool-weather fall vegetables and flowers
    • Repot plants or prune plant roots if needed
    • Late in the season, cut back any container plants that will stay outside during the winter. For bulbs that will stay outside over the winter, allow the foliage to completely die before cutting it back.
  • Plant winter-hardy plants, such as small shrubs, conifers and spring-flowering bulbs
  • Add mulch to the top of the soil to protect roots from the cold.
  • Collect plant seeds, dry them and store them in a cool, dry, dark place.
  • Late in the season, bring sensitive container plants indoors during the winter and find a spot for them near a bright, southern-facing window.
  • Once it starts getting cooler, feed the worm composting bin less. Once it gets cold, bring the vermicomposting bin inside or wrap it in insulating material.
  • Wrap insulating material over cold-sensitive plant containers, such as terra cotta pots, or bring them indoors
  • Disinfect, clean and oil garden tools (to prevent rusting), and disinfect empty plant containers with bleach (to prevent diseases) before storing them for the winter

See Spring Garden Chores, Summer Garden Chores and Winter Garden Chores.

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