Gardener's Library: The Practical Guide for Container Gardening

The Practical Guide for Container Gardening is a must-have for every balcony container gardener's bookshelf. Click on the book’s title or photo to visit and learn more.


Practical GuideTitle: The Practical Guide for Container Gardening

Author: Susan Berry and Steve Bradley

Description on Gardening in containers offers boundless possibilities for cleverly decorating small areas indoors and out. Plus, container gardening is a manageable and fun way for anyone to garden. This inspiring and beautiful step-by-step book on the fastest growing category in gardening is a comprehensive reference to what containers work best for what plants, seasonal planting schemes, simple planting techniques, and plant maintenance. With this book, anyone can explore the joys of gardening, whether they live in a rural setting or a city apartment.’s Rating: Five Stars. This paperback is a fantastic addition to your library. The Practical Guide for Container Gardening takes you step-by-step through creating a container garden. The book includes design, choosing containers, growing up, plant combinations, best plants for large and small containers, how to prune and train plants, how to care for and maintain your plants, and there is a handy container plant directory near the back, which includes care information. Short and sweet and simple to read, this is one of the best books about container gardening available.


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