Gardener's Library: The Garden Primer

The Garden Primer: Second Edition is a must-have for a balcony container gardener's bookshelf. Click on the book’s title or photo to visit and learn more.


Garden PrimerTitle: The Garden Primer: Second Edition

Author: Narnara Damrosch

Description on Now the beloved classic is revised front-to- back. The new edition has gone 100% organic, which in Barbara Damrosch's hands also means completely accessible. It reflects the latest research on plants, soils, tools, and techniques. There is updated and expanded information on planning a garden, recommended plants, and best tools. Ecological issues are addressed much more extensively, covering lawn alternatives, the benefits of native species, wildlife-friendly gardens, and how to avoid harmful invasive species. More attention is paid to plants appropriate to the South, Southwest, and West Coast, while cold-climate gardeners are given detailed advice on how to extend the growing season. Simply put, the book is a richer and fuller compendium than ever before, with more text, more illustrations and garden plans, expanded plant lists, and gardener's resources. But Barbara Damrosch's core of practical, creative ideas and friendly style remain—she is still an "old-fashioned dirt gardener" at heart.’s Rating: Five Stars. While the other books have a lot of pictures and are short and sweet, this book is more than 800 pages with just a few illustrations. This text-heavy monster book gives detailed accounts for successfully growing annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs fruits, bulbs, roses, houseplants and more. This book is written for gardeners in general and not just balcony container gardeners, but it is still a noteworthy book and contains information about many of the plants that container gardeners keep. It is not a book to read through in bed before you go to sleep, but it is a wonderful reference to always have around.



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