FAQs About Garden Pests

Tomato hornworm caterpillarQuestion: I have several tomato plants of different varieties that I keep finding these worms on. I also have some tobacco plants, and these worms are quickly eating the leaves. Can I use something on these plants that will not be poisonous to humans? See answer>>

Question: I was just getting ready to plant some vegetable starts and realized they have aphids all over them. Should I just throw them out and get new starts, or should I try to get rid of the aphids? I don't want to infect the rest of my plants. See answer>>


Question: I noticed half of my radish leaves were gone, and I found about 30 light green worms or caterpillars all over the plant. They are about an inch long. What are these green worms in my garden, and how do I get rid of them? See answer>>


Question: I have an indoor garden, and it has a lot of little tiny flying bugs. What are they, and how can I get rid of them? See answer>>

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